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How to change or edit existing bookings

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As an administrator, you can change or edit your members' bookings. This includes changing the date, time, area and the members in the booking. Changing a booking will not affect the fees that have already been paid.

How to change a member's booking

In the members' Bookings module, click on an existing booking:

Select Change Booking:

On the next window, you can adjust the date, time, area, members and visitors (if possible according to the booking mode) and add notes:

Finally, select Save. You will see that the booking has been moved to the appropriate time slot.

Members also have the ability to change their own bookings using the same process, but they will not be able to change the end time or the notes.

Please note: for clubs with access control that use temporary PINs for bookings; changing a booking will not generate a temporary PIN for any members who've been added to the booking during the change. If PINs are required, we recommend removing the booking and re-creating it.

Clubs can disable this function completely, under Activities > select & open an activity > go to Activity details > Booking settings:

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I change the booking?

Bookings cannot be changed if any of the changes will affect the booking fee. For example, if the time you want to change the booking to has a different fee from the original time, or you extend or shorten the booking, therefore affecting the fee, it's not possible to change the booking.

Or, if the booking is part of a recurring series, you won't be able to change the booking due to the complexities that come with recurring bookings.

You also cannot change a booking to a time that has already been booked.
Please try removing the booking and making a new one instead, as this will give you the same result.

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