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Extended booking permissions
Extended booking permissions

Find out how to let some members bypass your default booking restrictions and limits

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If you want to allow some of your members to bypass your default booking restrictions or limits, you can give them extended booking permissions. This can be useful for members that are coaches or tutors and require a bit more flexibility when making bookings.

Using extended permissions, you can allow members to do the following:

  • Make concurrent bookings

  • Make consecutive bookings

  • Make bookings further in advance

  • Bypass booking limits

How to give a member extended booking permissions

To give a member extended booking permissions:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module and find the relevant member

  2. Click on their name or use the Edit option in the context menu

  3. Open the Permissions, roles & sign in details card

  4. Locate the Booking permissions and tick the permissions you want to assign

The member will now have more flexibility in making bookings.

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