How to make a change to your booking

Learn how to change or edit your existing bookings

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If you need to change something about your booking, follow the guide below.
Go to the Bookings page and select the booking you want to change:

Select Change Booking:

Next, you will be able to change the date, the area, the start time and change the members in the booking:

Finally, select Save. You will see that your booking has been moved to the appropriate booking slot.

Note: you cannot remove yourself from a booking. If you need to do so, please remove your booking and create a new one.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I change my booking?

If someone else has made the booking for you, you won't be able to change the booking and you will need to contact an administrator to change the booking on your behalf.

You also cannot change an aspect of your booking that will affect the cost of the booking. For example; if you change the start time to peak hours, you may be charged differently, so this won't be possible to change. Or, if the booking is part of a recurring series, you won't be able to change the booking due to the complexities that come with recurring bookings.
Please try removing your booking and making a new one instead, as this will give you the same result.

Will I receive an email after changing my booking?

You won't receive an email after changing the booking, so you will need to ensure that the members in the booking are aware of the change. For this reason, any new members who have been added to the booking as a result of the change will not receive a temporary PIN number. If you would like to receive an email and PINs, it will be best to remove the booking and create a new one.

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