Creating an admin-only membership type

What is an admin-only membership type and how to create one

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Admin-only memberships can be set up so that they can only be assigned by administrators, and members won’t be able to purchase these on their own. This guide will show you how to easily create an admin-only membership type.

You may want to use them for:

  • Complimentary memberships

  • Life memberships

  • Discounted memberships

  • Special one-off memberships

How to create an admin-only membership type

To set up an admin-only membership type:

  1. Go to Membership Types

  2. Set up a new membership type as you'd normally would

  3. Make sure the following options under Conditions & fee are unticked:

  4. Make sure this option under Registration is unticked as well:

  5. Save the membership type

Having the above options unticked will ensure that your members cannot purchase these memberships on their own, so they can only be assigned by an administrator.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make an existing membership type admin-only?

To make an existing membership type admin-only, head to your Membership types to edit the relevant type, and then follow the steps above to untick the relevant options.

Can I change a membership back to being purchase-able by members later?

Yes, you can always revert these settings at any time if needed.

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