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Find out how to transfer account credit to other members

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As a member, you can transfer your account credit to other members that are a part of your club or organisation. They will then be able to use this account credit to pay for their own transactions.

If you are a part of a Circle, you can also transfer account credit to and even from your circle members on their behalf, if you manage the circle.

Transferring your account credit

To transfer your own account credit:

  1. Go to your Account page

  2. Click on the Transfer button next to your account credit balance

This will open a dialog modal where you can enter the names of the members you wish to transfer account credit to, the amount to transfer and an optional reference.

Press Transfer to confirm the account credit transfer.

Transferring account credit for your circle members is almost the same process, but first you have to select the circle member from the dropdown menu at the top of the Account page.

Frequently asked questions

I cannot see the transfer button

The admins at your club or organisation can choose whether members are able to transfer account credit between themselves. If you cannot see the transfer button on your Account page, this option has likely been disabled.

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