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A step by step guide to making online payments through Hello Club

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When a payment is required in Hello Club, in most cases you will automatically be taken to the relevant payment page. From there, you will be guided through the steps to successfully complete your payment.

However, you can also visit your Account page at any time and manually select transactions you want to pay. These could either be transactions that were assigned to yourself or to your family/circle members.

Follow the steps below to quickly pay for one or more outstanding transactions.

Step 1 – Go to your Account page

Go to your Account page using the menu on the side. Here you will be able to see a list of all your transactions and payments, as well as those of your circle members if you are a circle lead.

To make a payment you can either click on the Make a Payment button at the top of the page, or click on the grey Pay icon to the right of any unpaid transaction.

Step 2 – Choosing transactions to pay for

In the next screen, you will now be able to choose which transactions you want to pay for. You can select multiple transactions and pay for all of them at once, or you can pay for a single transaction.

Tick the transactions you wish to pay and then click on the Next button.

Step 3 – Using account credit

If you have credit available in your account, you will be prompted if you want to use some or all of this credit for your payment.

Tick the checkbox to use your account credit, or leave it unticked if you don’t want to use your account credit for this particular payment. Click the Next button to continue.

Step 4 – Select payment method

You can now select your preferred payment method:

If paying by card, you can enter your card details and optionally choose to store these details for future payment. Note that all card details are stored securely by our 3rd party payment processing partners. Hello Club does not store or process your credit card details directly.

Once you have selected your payment method, press Next to review your payment.

Step 5 – Review and confirm payment

In the last step, you can review your payment details:

Once you're happy with your payment, press the green Pay now button to confirm your payment:

Otherwise, you can use the back button to select a different payment method or make other changes to your payment.

Step 6 – Download receipt

After a successful payment, you can download a PDF receipt for your payment via the Account page. Locate the transaction or payment you want a receipt for and click on the grey Receipt button on the right side of it.


I am not able to enter my cards details

Your club or organisation may not have enabled card payments yet. Please contact your club directly to enquire about the possibility of enabling online payments.

I received an error when trying to make my payment

There could be a few reasons for a payment to fail, for example incorrect CVC code, not enough account balance, or another reason your bank or card issuer declined the payment.

Generally the reason for the payment failure will be displayed in the app and should give you an idea on what to do next. You can also view a list of common card payment failures with tips on how to resolve them.

If a payment fails, it is most likely that your card wasn’t charged. However, for peace of mind, you can always ask your club administrator to double check this for you.

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