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Learn how to use the automatic payment collection feature in Hello Club

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Hello Club comes with a smart automated payment collection feature that will try to collect payments from your member‘s saved credit or debit cards or from their account credit balance as needed.

This feature can be used for automatic membership renewals as well as any other transaction types available in Hello Club.

Note: Automatic payment collection is available from the Standard plan and higher. Please refer to our pricing page for more details.

How to enable automatic payment collection

To enable automatic payment collection:

  1. Head to Settings > Finance

  2. Tick the checkbox to Turn on automatic payment collection

  3. Optionally, tick the checkbox to Use account credit when possible

  4. Press Save to confirm your settings

Once enabled, any eligible transactions will automatically be picked up in the next payment collection cycle.

Failed automatic payment notifications

It is also recommended to enable the email setting to be notified of failed automatic payments:

  1. Head to Settings > Email > Notifications

  2. Enable the notification for failed automatic payments

This will send an email to the specified recipients when an automatic payment fails.

Flagging transactions for automatic payment collection

Once automatic payment collection has been enabled, you can flag individual transactions for inclusion in the payment collection process:

  1. Create a new transaction or edit an existing transaction

  2. Under Options, tick the auto payment collection checkbox

  3. Press Save to create or update the transaction

If the member has a card on file, this transaction will automatically be picked for payment collection on or after the due date of the transaction.

Frequently asked questions

How often are automatic payments processed?

Automatic payments will be processed every 10 minutes. At this point we will check if there are any eligible transactions and if there are, we queue them for payment collection.

This means if you create a new transaction and flag it for automatic payment collection, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for this transaction to be picked up in a payment collection cycle.

How often will a member’s card be charged?

A member’s card will at most be charged once every two days. Before an automatic payment collection is queued, we will check to see if there were any other recent automatic payments in the past two days, and if so, the next payment will be postponed until at least two days have passed.

Will multiple transactions be bundled into one payment?

Yes, if a member has more than one eligible transaction for payment collection, we will bundle these all into a single payment to minimise payment processing fees.

What happens if an automatic payment fails?

If an automatic payment fails as a result of a card error, for example due to insufficient funds, we will automatically retry payment collection again later after two days.

In addition, we will send out a notification email to the recipients you have configured to receive failed payment notifications. See above for details on how to enable this.

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