Verifying the vaccination status of members

Find out how to verify the vaccination status of members automatically by scanning or uploading their vaccine pass

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It is now possible to verify the vaccination status of members automatically by scanning or uploading their vaccine pass through Hello Club.

Note: This feature is currently only available in New Zealand (using the NZCP).

Support for other countries will be made available if possible and as the underlying technology allows.

Verifying vaccination status as an administrator

To verify the vaccination status of a member:

  1. Head to People > Members and then find and click on the relevant member

  2. Click on the Verify vaccination status icon in the top right of their profile:

  3. Alternatively, click on Verify next to their vaccination status badge:

  4. Choose one of the four available verification methods to verify the QR code

  5. Once the QR code is recognised and verified, the vaccination status of the member will automatically be updated.

  6. If the vaccine status verification fails, the reasons for failure will be listed.

More details about each available verification method is available below.

Scan QR code using device camera

If you are accessing Hello Club on your mobile phone, this will likely be the easiest way to verify a member. Simply ask them to present their QR code on their phone or paper, and then scan the QR code using the camera of your phone.

Scan QR code using a USB scanner

Use this option if you have a USB QR code scanner available. Simply connect the scanner to your computer or tablet via USB and then ask the ember to present their QR code on their phone or paper, and scan it using the QR code scanner.

Uploading an image containing a QR code

If the above two options are unavailable, or if the member has sent through a PDF of their vaccine pass, use this option to upload an image of the QR code instead.

If you're on a desktop computer, take a screenshot of the QR code portion of the members vaccine pass, and then upload the resulting image for verification.

If you're on a mobile device, you should be able to choose this option and then directly take a photo of the QR code for verification.

Verify manually

For all other cases you can update the vaccination status of the member manually by using the fourth option. You will be able to update the vaccination status of the member manually and set the valid from and expiry date as well.

Member self verification

You can ask your members to self-verify their vaccination status using the following instructions:

  1. Head to the Profile page by clicking on the relevant menu item or button on the home page

  2. Click on the Update button next to the vaccination status badge

  3. If you are on your phone you can use your device camera to scan a QR code that you have printed or that’s visible on another device.

  4. Alternatively, you can take a photo or screenshot of your QR code, and upload it using the second option instead.

  5. Once the QR code is recognised and verified, your vaccination status will automatically be updated.

If self verification is available and the member’s vaccination status is unknown or not vaccinated, we will also display a banner asking the member to self verify:

Frequently asked questions

What data is validated when the vaccine pass is verified?

First and foremost we validate the authenticity of the vaccine pass QR code to ensure that this matches the correct government format.

Second, we will check the first name, last name and date of birth of the vaccine pass against the member record to see if these match. If multiple given names are listed on the vaccine pass or on the member record, only the first one is validated.

If no date of birth is present on the member, this will not be validated, but the date of birth will be recorded and stored on the member record automatically for future validation.

What if the member has a different given name or family name on the vaccine pass?

If the family name doesn’t match, the vaccine pass will not automatically be validated. To circumvent this you can update the member’s last name in Hello Club to match the family name on the vaccine pass, or manually update their vaccination status.

If a member has multiple given names, we will check to ensure at least one of them matches the record in Hello Club. If none of them match, the vaccine pass will not be validated either.

For verification purposes, we also record the full name that was listed on the vaccine pass and this will be displayed under the vaccination status when editing a member record.

When will this feature become available for my country?

We are doing our best to roll out this feature in as many countries as possible. However, we may be restricted by the choice of underlying technology and whether the verification protocol for the vaccine passes has been made public. As such, it may not be possible for us to implement a verification mechanism for vaccine passes of your country, even if they are available via official government apps.

Please keep an eye out for updates as the situation and technology evolves.

How are the vaccine passes processed and handled?

All the QR code scanning and processing happens in the user‘s browser. As such, we don’t actually upload or process any vaccine pass files or images on our servers.

We extract the relevant information from the vaccine pass, which is an encrypted text string, and this is then sent to our servers for decryption and validation.

The member’s vaccination status, validity dates (and date of birth if applicable) are stored against the member record and the rest of the data is subsequently discarded.

Will you make other methods of verification available?

We may include the ability to directly upload a PDF vaccine pass for verification, however, at the moment the three available options should provide enough ways to verify a vaccine pass, either using your phone, a tablet or desktop computer.

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