Check-in members using a QR code scanner

Track members at your facility using a QR code scanner and our check-in log module

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If you want to track members visiting your facility, but a full access control system is currently outside of your scope or budget, then our check-in log module combined with a QR code scanner could be the perfect intermediate solution.

Connecting a QR code scanner to Hello Club

Hello Club will work with most standalone QR code scanners. To get started:

  1. Connect your QR code scanner to your computer or tablet via USB

  2. Open up a browser window

  3. Navigate to your Hello Club portal and sign in with an administrator account

  4. Keep this page open while you operate the scanner

Note: It's important to keep the Hello Club page open while operating the scanner, otherwise the QR code may not register properly. It doesn’t matter what page you are on, the QR code will be detected on any page.

Checking members in

Once you have connected the QR code scanner, all you need to do is scan a QR code from a member’s profile as they visit the facility. Ask the member to take the following steps to display their personal QR code:

  1. Ask the member to open the Hello Club portal on their phone and sign in with their member account if they haven’t already

  2. On their Profile page, ask them to tap the QR code icon in the top right

  3. Scan the unique QR code that is displayed using your QR code scanner

When a valid member QR code is scanned, a dialog will show up with a member summary including their membership and financial status:

Simply click on the check-in button to record a check-in log for this member.

Viewing or exporting check-in logs

To view or export your check-in log records, simply head to the Logs module and click on the Check-in logs tab. You will find all recent check-in logs here in this overview.

Use the filters or search function to find specific logs you’re interested in, or export logs to a CSV file for further processing.

Frequently asked questions

What QR code scanners are compatible?

Hello Club will support most USB based QR code scanners, as long as they are capable of outputting the scanned data as "keyboard input". Most QR code scanners are able to do this, including cheaper models.

If you have difficulties getting a specific QR code scanner to work, please let us know the make and model and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Do you supply QR code scanners?

No, we don’t supply QR code scanners ourselves, but we can provide you with some recommendations if you are interested in obtaining one.

Can we scan the QR codes with a phone or tablet camera instead?

Yes, you can use a phone to scan the profile QR codes. However, in that case your phone will open the member profile URL which is encoded in the QR code, and this will show up the member profile page instead of the check-in dialog. We are working on allowing you to manually check a member in from their profile page as well.

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