Exporting data

Find out how to export your data to a CSV extract so you can process or analyse it further in other software, for example Excel

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Hello Club currently allows you to export the following data to CSV:

  • Members

  • Financial transactions

  • Payments

  • Audit logs

  • Access logs

  • Activity logs

How to export

To export data, go to the module that you want to export from, and then hover over the green action button in the bottom right of the screen. A grey download button will appear:

Clicking on this button will download a CSV export of the currently visible items. The first row in the exported file will contain headers so you know what each column represents.

Filtering exported data

Any filters you apply to the data on screen will be taken into account when exporting as well. This is handy if you only want to export specific data.

Need to export other data?

If you need to export other data from Hello Club not currently listed in this article, please let us know.

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