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Find out how to enable push notifications and manage notification settings on your device

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You can now opt-in to receive various push notifications from Hello Club. These notifications can advise you of:

  • Your upcoming bookings

  • Events or classes you are attending

  • Membership renewals

  • Transactions due for payment

To enable push notifications on your device:

  1. Go to your Profile page using the menu or by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the app and then clicking on My profile

  2. Click on the Notifications card to open it

  3. Toggle the checkbox for each notification you would like to enable on your device

When you enable a notification, your device or browser will ask you for permission to enable notifications. This may look differently depending on the device or browser you’re on.

Press Allow to enable push notifications from Hello Club on your device. If needed, you can always revoke permission later via your browser settings, or by disabling the notifications via your Profile page again.

You may also be asked to enable notifications after you’ve made a booking or signed up to an event:

Simply click Yes, enable to enable push notifications of that type on your device.

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