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Creating and managing circles
Creating and managing circles

A guide for members about circles and how to use them

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This guide will cover the basics of circles, including how you can create and use circles to manage related members.

What is a circle?

A circle is a way for members to group themselves together. Any member can create a circle and invite others to join, and admins can create circles on behalf of their members. This is typically used for families or companies who want to share the management of their member accounts.

Within a circle, some members will be circle leads. These members are responsible for managing the circle and can be given permissions to do the following:

Every circle member can choose which permissions they give their circle leads when they join the circle. When creating a new circle, the member who creates the circle will automatically be the first circle lead. However, other circle members can also be promoted to leads if needed.

Creating a circle

To create a new circle:

  1. Go to your Profile page and click on the Circles card to open it

  2. Click on Create new circle

  3. Choose a circle name and enter the names of the members you’d like to invite

  4. Choose which details you’d like to manage for your circle members

Once you’re done, press Save to create the circle. An invitation email will be sent out to the people you invited automatically and once they confirm, you will be able to start managing their details according to the permissions they’ve given you.

Managing your circle

As a circle lead, you will be able to manage the overall permissions of a circle, change the circle name and choose a colour for the circle as well.

To change the name of the circle or its overall permissions, click the Edit option from the context menu. To change the colour of your circle, click on the circle icon and choose your preferred colour.

Managing your circle members

As a circle lead you can also click on each of the circle members to manage their details. The permissions they have given will be visible here, and you also have options available to make them a circle lead or remove them from the circle.

To invite additional members, select Invite from the context menu of the circle. There is no limit on the number of members that you can invite to a circle.

You can also remove members from your circle here if needed.

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