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Navigating between modules
Navigating between modules

Find out how to navigate between the various modules in Hello Club

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The side menu

In Hello Club, you can navigate to all available modules using the side menu. To access this menu, click on the hamburger icon in the top left of the app:

This will expand the side menu from where you can access all available modules that have been enabled for your account.

The side menu is divided into two sections. The first section contains all member modules which are accessible to all regular members after they sign in:

Below that, you will find the admin menu which contains links to management modules accessible only by staff members with the correct permissions:

Not all modules in this list may be present in your account, and some modules may have different names depending on how your account has been set up.

To access a module, simply click on the relevant module name.


Once you are in a module, you can also navigate using the breadcrumbs that show up in the header of the application:

In this example, the breadcrumbs tell you that you are viewing a specific member. You can click on any of the breadcrumb items to go back to that specific page or module.

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