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Setting up a gap between booking slots
Setting up a gap between booking slots

Find out how to set up a gap between available booking slots so that members or players have some time to spare between each booking.

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If you want your members to have some breathing space or time to clean up after themselves between each booking slot, you can do that by setting up a gap of a custom duration between the slots. The booking system will automatically adjust the start times of each slot to accommodate the gaps:

How to set up a gap between booking slots

The gap duration is managed per area, and can be changed as follows:

  1. Head to the Areas module

  2. Click on the area you want to change

  3. Open the Area times card

  4. Click on the relevant area time to edit it

  5. Enter a value in minutes in the Gap between slots field

  6. Press Save to confirm

You can choose any value for the gap duration in steps of 5 minutes, as long as it is less than the session duration for the activity.

Please note: Adding or changing a gap duration for a certain area will likely result in existing bookings no longer fitting neatly on the booking grid. As a result, these bookings will not be visible on the booking grid.

The overlapping slots won't be bookable by other members though, and the existing bookings can still be found in the bookings overview and can be managed from there if needed.

Use cases

Here are some possible use cases for this feature:

  • Introduce a small break between sessions, so that members have time to vacate the courts or areas and/or clean up after themselves, without having to use up their actual session time for this purpose.

  • Create a gap between booking slots for social distancing purposes, by allowing some time between sessions to avoid people getting in close contact with one another.

If you find any other use cases we'd love to hear it!

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