Managing member roles

Learn how to assign specific roles to your members with elevated permissions

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You can assign different roles to a member to give them additional permissions. Each member can be assigned multiple roles. Any member with an elevated role will automatically also become a Staff member.

Assigning roles

To assign a specific role to a member:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module and find the relevant member

  2. Click on their name or use the Edit option in the context menu

  3. Open the Permissions, roles & sign in details card 

  4. In the Permissions tab is where you can manage the member roles

System permissions

If you are using our integrated access and light control system, the permissions tab will also allow you to control whether the member can override lights or doors:

Booking permissions

If you are using the bookings module, you can also adjust special booking permissions for the member. Use these to allow a member to bypass any standard restrictions, which can be handy for coaches or staff members:

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