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Find out how to set up discounts for your membership fees depending on criteria like age, membership type or geographic region

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With Hello Club, you can set up and apply discounts to membership fees based on several different criteria:

  • The age of a member

  • The geographic location of a member (like city, suburb)

  • Specific membership types

  • Specific members

You can set up discounts as fixed amount, percentage, or waive the fee altogether. Keep on reading to find out more and to view some examples.

Setting up a new discount

To set up a discount:

  1. Go to the Settings module

  2. Open the Discounts card

  3. Click on Add discount

  4. Specify a name for the discount, as well as what type of discount it is

  5. Enter the discounted amount or percentage

  6. On the next page, specify who the discount applies to

  7. Optionally, you can also specify minimum or maximum age conditions, or a geographic restriction

  8. Press Save to add the discount


10% off all membership types for seniors 65+

Set up a new percentage type discount:

Have it apply to any valid membership and specify a minimum age of 65 years:

$20 off a specific membership for locals

Set up a new fixed amount type discount:

Have it apply to a specific membership, and specify a geographic restriction:

No charge for a specific member

Set up a new discount with No charge as the type:

Apply the discount to a specific member:

Frequently asked questions

Do the discounts also apply to other transactions?

No, these discounts only apply to membership fees, and will be applied when a new member registers and selects a membership, or when an existing member renews their membership. The discount will also apply when an admin creates or renews a subscription for a member, but they will have the ability to adjust this if needed.

Will membership specific discounts apply to all memberships a matching member has?

No, if you setup a discount for Membership A, and a member has both Membership A and Membership B, the discount will only apply to Membership A.

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