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Find out how to manage your existing activities and how to setup a new activity

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Hello Club lets you manage all aspects of your activities in one place. You can change the name of your activities, related area names, default durations, activity modes, booking/playing time restrictions, peak times and fees in the Activities module.

Depending on your plan, you may be able to setup multiple different activities, all with their own rules and settings.

Managing existing activities

To make changes to an existing activity:

  1. Head to the Activities module and locate the activity you want to change by finding its name in the list.

  2. Click on the activity name or use the Edit option in the context menu.

  3. To change general details, open the Activity details card. 

  4. To manage other aspects of the activity, open the relevant card.

Adding a new activity

Before adding a new activity, consider if you really need an additional activity. It may suffice to define a new activity mode for an existing activity instead. 

Activities are meant to distinguish distinct sports or activities, like badminton, tennis, boat hire, room hire, gym, etc. Activity modes on the other hand can be used to define variations in the way an activity is performed, for example play mode, visitor mode, practice mode, etc.

If you do require a new activity and your plan allows for multiple activities:

  1. Head to the Activities module

  2. Click on the green button in the bottom right to add a new activity.

  3. Fill out all the basic activity details as well as the default activity durations.

  4. Press Save to add the new activity.

Once you've saved your new activity, you can manage all other aspects of it like activity modes, booking restrictions and fees by editing it and opening the relevant cards.

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