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Learn how to set up and manage fees for your activities

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Hello Club gives you a lot of flexibility to set up activity fees however you see fit. You can set up different fees for:

  • Specific activities

  • Specific activity modes

  • Members with any membership

  • Members with a specific membership

  • Casuals without membership

  • Specific days of the week

  • Specific times of the day

Just about any scenario can be covered with our flexible fee management system. However, if you’re not sure how to set it up or simply need a hand, feel free to have a chat with us any time.

Where do I manage my fees?

To manage the fees for a specific activity:

  1. Go to the Activities module

  2. Click on the activity you want to setup fees for

  3. Locate the Fees card at the bottom

You will find any previously defined fees in this list.

How do I add a new fee?

To add a new fee, simply click on the green Add fee button. This will open up a dialog where you can specify who the fee applies to, what activity mode it applies to, as well as the days of the week and relevant start/end time.

Once you have selected the desired settings, press Next to go to the next screen, where you can specify the fee amount as well as the payment policy.

A brief summary explaining the fee structure will be displayed at the bottom of the screen where you can confirm that your structure is correct.

Press Save to confirm your new fee.

How do I edit or remove an existing fee?

You can edit or remove an existing fee by clicking on Edit or Remove in the context menu of the relevant fee.

How is the correct fee determined when multiple fees match?

Fees are checked bottom up on matching membership and matching day and time. This means that the most general fees should be defined first and sit at the top, with increasingly more specific fees added below them.

For example if you have a base fee of $10 that applies to all members, you should define this fee first. 

If members for a specific membership type pay less on a certain time of day, you can define this fee underneath the general fee, and this specific fee will apply first if it matches.

How do I change the fee type and fee handling method?

Fees can be charged per area/court or per person, which is referred to as the fee type. Fees can also be charged per session, or per minute of actual play time, which is referred to as the fee handling method. Both of these settings can be changed on the activity mode level.

To change these settings, edit the relevant activity mode and locate the settings on the second screen after you press Next:

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