Adjusting activity durations

Find out how to specify the default session duration as well as the minimum or maximum duration for an activity

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What is the session duration of an activity?

The session duration is the length of time a standard slot or session lasts. This will be reflected on the booking system, as well as on the access control system if you have one.

If your session duration is for example 45 minutes, it means that every booking slot will be 45 minutes in duration, and that for a default session the lights connected to the access control system will be activated for 45 minutes.

Minimum and maximum durations

In addition to the session duration, you can also specify a minimum and optionally a maximum duration for your activity. 

Usually, the minimum duration will be the same as the session duration. However, you can choose to have a minimum duration that is longer than the session duration. This will allow more flexibility in terms of the start time for bookings, while still maintaining a set minimum time.

For example, a session duration of 30 minutes with a minimum duration of 1 hour will allow members to make bookings every 30 minutes, but each booking will have a minimum duration of 1 hour.

The maximum duration will determine how long a booking can last at most. This is optional, and can be left blank.

How do I change the durations?

To change the session or minimum duration of an activity:

  1. Go to the Activities module.

  2. Click on the activity you want to change.

  3. Open the Activity details card.

  4. Specify the desired durations and then press Save to confirm your changes.

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