Setting up activity modes

Find out what activity modes are and how you can define your own

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What are activity modes?

Each activity can have multiple modes. These modes are used to define variations in the way an activity is performed, each mode can have different rules or fees, and can apply to different memberships.

For example, you might define a regular play mode for two players, a practice mode for a single player, or a visitor mode for one member with a visitor. Each mode may have different booking/play restrictions and can have different fees applied to it.

How do I define a new activity mode?

To define a new activity mode:

  1. Go to the Activities module

  2. Click on the activity you want to define a new mode for

  3. Open the Modes card

  4. Press the green Add mode button

A dialog will appear where you can specify the various mode parameters:

Specify the name, description and optionally an agreement, as well as the minimum and maximum number of people and visitors allowed for this mode. 

Press Next to go to the next step, where you can define how any fees (if applicable) are to be paid for this mode:

Press Save to add the new mode. Once added, your new mode will appear in the list of available modes, and you will be able to select it when editing the booking and playing time restrictions, as well as when editing fees.

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