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Managing your terms and conditions

Find out how to make your members agree to your terms and conditions when they login for the first time

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When a new member logs in for the first time, you can have them read through and accept your terms and conditions or waiver before they can continue to use Hello Club. This allows you to inform them of certain rules and regulations, or provide them with additional information.

To manage your terms and conditions:

  1. Go to the Club module

  2. Open the Terms & conditions card

  3. Enter your terms and conditions and press Save

When updating your terms and conditions, you can also indicate that members must agree to the new version the next time they login:

By ticking this checkbox, all members will have to accept the new conditions the next time they login, including those that have already accepted a previous version of your terms and conditions.

Note: you can also set up specific terms and conditions for each membership type.

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