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Setting up and managing grades or ranks
Setting up and managing grades or ranks

Discover how to create and assign grades or ranks to your members

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This guide covers the basics of grades and how you can use them to track your members' progress and help them achieve milestone goals.

What are grades?

Grades in Hello Club are a way to measure your members' achievements and help them progress through the ranks. Members will be able to view their current grade, when they achieved the grade and how to achieve the next grade. Grades in Hello Club are perfect for martial arts clubs, but any type of organisation can use the grading module to set up and track milestone achievements.

Setting up grades

To create a grade:

  1. Go to Activities and select the relevant activity

  2. Open Activity details and tick Grades enabled

  3. Next, open the Grades card that will now be visible

  4. Click on Add grade

  5. Starting with the lowest grade, enter the name, colour and description

  6. Press Save

  7. Repeat this for every available grade

To edit or remove an existing grade in the future, simply click the Edit or Remove option in the context menu for the relevant grade.

Tip: in the grade description, you can include the steps required to achieve this grade. Members will be able to view this and it can serve as motivation to help them work towards achieving the next grade.

Assigning grades to members

To assign or change a member's grade:

  1. Go to People > Members and click on the relevant member

  2. Open their Member details card and click on the Grades tab

  3. Click on Add grade and fill out the relevant details

  4. Press Save to confirm this grade

Once a new grade is achieved, the previous grades will be faded to show the member's progress through the grades.

When grades are assigned to a member, you can view a member's grade per activity on their member summary as well as under their member details.

Viewing grades as a member

Members will be able to view their current grade, past grade and next grades via their Profile page by heading to Member Details > Grades. Clicking a grade will show the description, any comments left by the club, when this grade was achieved, and the description of the next grade:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I filter members by grade or rank?

Yes, you can filter members by grades for each activity. Head to People > Members, and using the filters, select the grades you want to filter on. If you have more than one activity with grades, choose the related activity first, and then choose the grades you want to filter on.

Can I set up a single set of grades to work across all of my activities?

No, at the moment grades can only be set up per activity. If you have multiple activities that use grades, you will need to set these up for each activity separately.

This provides the greatest flexibility and allows you to differentiate between sports or disciplines as they may have slightly different rankings, levels of achievement, and requirements for each grade.

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