Create bookings for circle members

Find out how you can make bookings for circle members

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If a circle member has given the permission for circle leads to manage their bookings, then any circle lead will be able to create bookings on their behalf.

Create a booking for circle members

To make a booking for a circle member:

  1. Navigate to Bookings and select the booking slot you wish to book for

  2. Choose your Booking type and click Next

  3. Select the circle member you wish to make this booking for

  4. If you (the circle lead) are not participating in the booking, you can remove yourself by selecting the X on your name

  5. Choose how you wish to pay for the booking (if applicable)

  6. Confirm your booking

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay the booking fee for a circle member?

You can pay for a booking several different ways and this will depend on how the booking rules set by your admin. However, in general, you will be able to use one of the following:

  • The circle member’s membership benefit (if applicable)

  • Any of the circle member’s eligible coupons

  • Any of your own eligible coupons

  • Your own account credit balance

  • Regular online payment

Can I make bookings for people who are not in my circle?

Yes, so long as you are making a booking for yourself and another member. But if you want to make a booking for other members where you are not included in the booking, then they will need to be members of your circle and have enabled the Booking permission. Find out more on how to create a circle.

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