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Creating links to the Hello Club portal
Creating links to the Hello Club portal

Find out how to create a link on your website to the Hello Club portal so that your members can easily find it and sign in

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To make it easy for your members to sign in, we recommend creating a one or more links on your website directly to the main page of your Hello Club portal.

This provides a reference for members in case they forget the link to your portal or misplace their bookmark.

How to create a link to the Hello Club portal

To create a link for a specific membership:

  1. Head to the Club module

  2. Look for the Portal link in the top card, just under your organisation name

  3. Click on the Copy icon next to the portal link

Once you've copied the link address, you can use it to create a link on your website to your Hello Club portal.

Frequently asked questions

If you are using HTML to create links, you can use the following template:

<a href="Link address here">Your text or image here</a>

Simply paste the link that you copied into the href portion of the HTML link.

Yes, when you set up a custom domain or subdomain, the links to the Hello Club pages will change. Please keep this in mind when creating links on your website. It's best to first choose a subdomain or custom domain, and then create the links.

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