Dedicated subdomain or custom domain

Make your Hello Club portal easy to find and improve brand recognition by using a dedicated subdomain or custom domain of your choice

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Your Hello Club portal can always be accessed through Logging in via that link will take you to the generic login portal with the Hello Club logo.

However, you can make it easier for your members to login and increase your brand recognition by setting up a dedicated subdomain or custom domain of your choosing.

Setting up a dedicated subdomain

You can let your members access your Hello Club portal through a dedicated subdomain linked to your account, for example

Anyone logging in through this subdomain will see your organisation name, logo and background on the login page for immediate brand recognition. 

Dedicated subdomains are available on all our paid plans and depending on availability you are free to select a subdomain of your choosing.

To set up your subdomain:

  1. Go to the Club module

  2. Open the Details card and click on the Domain tab

  3. Enter your preferred subdomain and press Save

Your Hello Club portal will now be accessible via your new subdomain.

Using a custom domain

For even more control, our Premium and Business plans allow you to choose a custom domain, which can be a part of your own website domain. For example, you let your members access the Hello Club portal through

Contact us if you are interested in setting up a custom domain.

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