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How to communicate effectively with your members during the COVID-19 lockdown

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Communication with your members is key in these trying times. Luckily, with Hello Club you have a few options to effectively communicate with your members.

Setting up alerts

An effective way to draw attention of members logging in to Hello Club is to setup an alert which will show up on the home page after they login.

To create a new alert, head to Club > Alerts and click on the green Add alert button.

Choose a fitting title and alert type, optionally select a start and end date, and type your message:

After you press Save, the alert will appear on your home page:

Note that you can use some markdown to create links etc. in your alerts.

Group emailing

Another effective way of communicating with your members is by sending out a group email. You can do this via People > Members and then using the Email members (envelope) option under the green button in the bottom right:

You can then type your email in the popup that appears:

When you're ready, press Send to send out your email.

Note: You can also send emails to specific groups of members by filtering on specific members first, and then selecting the email option. 

Mailchimp integration

You can also use our Mailchimp integration to quickly load all your members into your Mailchimp account and send them a mailing from there. Please see the relevant help article for more information.


If you have any urgent questions, need help adjusting your settings, or if something is not clear, please reach out to us using the live chat.

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