Restricting access to your facility

How to close your facility to members during the COVID-19 lockdown and restrict usage of service tags

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If you are required to lock down your facility and you are using one of our integrated access control solutions, this article will show you how to enforce restrict global access.

ICT or Hawkeye 900 access control systems

For clubs that are using our Hawkeye 900 or ICT access control systems, global access can be restricted by heading to System > General settings > Restrict usage.

This will allow you to specify a start and end date for the restriction, and limit usage to people with specific roles, or service tag holders only:

Hawkeye 600 systems

For clubs that are using an older system, you can still restrict access by modifying your global access rules via System > Access, and unticking all doors. If you have specific access rules for the various membership types, you may also need to modify their access rules via Membership Types > Edit membership > Access

If you have members with specific individual access rules linked to their account, their access rules will also have to be removed. You can do that via People > Members > Edit member > Access.

To quickly find all members with specific access rules, use our new filter under Other:

Don't forget to synchronise all tags after you're done making changes.

Disabling service tags

If you want more fine grained control over which service tags are allowed access to your facility during the lockdown, we recommend heading to Club > Service tags and disabling the individual tags that are not essential. Use the context menu on the right hand side of each tag to disable them:

Disabled tags will show up as red in the overview:

By disabling these tags instead of removing them, you will be able to reinstate them easily once the lockdown is over.

Prevent events from auto opening doors

If you have events set up that are configured to auto-open doors, you will want to remove or edit those events to prevent doors from auto-opening during the lockdown period. To manage these events, head to the Events page and use the context menu to either edit or remove the event.

If editing the event, open the Date and time card and adjust the setting for automatically opening doors to Never:

Don't forget to disable the lights too if your event operates those as well.


If you have any urgent questions, need help adjusting your settings, or if something is not clear, please reach out to us using the live chat.

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