Account-to-account payments in New Zealand

Hello Club offers account-to-account payments in New Zealand through POLi. Find out how these work and what the related fees are.

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Account-to-account payments

In addition to credit and debit card payment options, we also offer account-to-account payments in New Zealand which come with lower payment processing fees.

Account-to-account payments for New Zealand are processed securely through POLi

By connecting your own POLi account to Hello Club, all money that your members pay via account-to-account is deposited straight into your own bank account.

Enabling account-to-account payments

In order to enable card payments, you need to sign up for a POLi account first. 

Once you have a POLi account, go to the Integrations module, click on the POLi integration card and follow the steps there to connect your account to Hello Club.

Payment processing fees

Payment processing fees for account-to-account payments are set by POLi. These fees are currently set at 1% of the transaction amount, capped to a maximum of $1.00 (excl. GST) for non-profits, and $3.00 (excl. GST) for other organisations. 

For up-to-date information on POLi fees, please refer to their pricing page.

We don’t charge any additional variable fees on top of POLi’s fees.

Integration fee

We charge a fixed monthly fee to maintain and support the POLi integration for our New Zealand customers. This fee is as follows:

  • Free Plan – POLi not available

  • Entry Plan – $5.00 + GST per month

  • Standard Plan – $10.00 + GST per month

  • Premium Plan – $20.00 + GST per month

  • Business Plan – $30.00 + GST per month

Frequently asked questions

Why are you using POLi, I heard it’s unsafe?

We offer POLi as a payment method because their payment processing fees are much lower than credit or debit card fees.

POLi works by having you enter your online banking login details. Your login details are not stored on POLi servers, but sent straight to your bank’s online banking system behind the scenes. They are encrypted and sent over a secure HTTPS connection – just as when you’d login to your bank directly.

So POLi is not inherently unsafe. In fact, a lot of well-known and reputable New Zealand companies and organisations use POLi, for example The Warehouse, Air New Zealand, and NZTA.

However, some people simply don't feel comfortable with the idea of entering their bank login details into any other system than their own online banking system. And that's fair enough, as in the end you have to trust another party to handle your bank login details securely.

For those people who can’t or don’t want to use POLi, we offer alternative payment options like credit or debit card, so they can decide for themselves which payment method they prefer.

Why do you charge a separate fee for the POLi integration?

We charge a small monthly fee to support and maintain the POLi integration. 

POLi’s fees are substantially lower than fees charged for credit and debit card payments in New Zealand, and by not adding variable fees to them, we are making it more attractive for members to pay online. This in turn will save clubs a lot of time by reducing the amount of admin work involved in manually processing payments.

How long does it take for the money to arrive in our account?

Account-to-account payments through POLi are deposited are usually deposited in your account directly if the paying member is using the same bank as the club. Payments from other banks can take up to two business days to show up in your account, depending on the bank.

Can we issue refunds through POLi?

No, to issue a refund you’ll have to manually transfer a payment back to the member, or credit their account with account credit instead.

Can we pass POLi payment processing fees on to members?

Yes, you can pass on your payment processing fees to your members if you want. POLi will still bill you for these fees directly, but Hello Club will charge your members a little bit extra for each transaction to exactly cover these expenses.


If you have any questions or if you'd like a hand setting up your POLi account, have a chat with us or send us an email any time.

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