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Setting up Hello Club in kiosk mode
Setting up Hello Club in kiosk mode

Learn how to set up Hello Club to run in kiosk mode on almost any device with a browser

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What is kiosk mode?

Hello Club comes with a special kiosk mode which can be enabled on any device with a browser. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or even a mobile phone.

When kiosk mode is enabled, the device can display either a booking overview or the visitor log on the main page, without anyone being logged in.

The booking overview will update itself regularly, and members can also be allowed to make bookings from this page without having to login. This allows both members and casual players to quickly view current bookings and see who’s playing on what court. It's also ideal if you want to display bookings or the court status on a larger screen at your facility.

How do I enable kiosk mode?

To enable kiosk mode:

  1. Make sure that the device you are enabling kiosk mode on has browser cookies enabled.

  2. Go to the Club module

  3. Open the Kiosk mode card

  4. Choose your preferred default kiosk page:

Lastly, press the green button to enable kiosk mode on that particular device:

Once enabled, you can sign out of Hello Club again and it should bring up the page you selected as default page.

Making bookings in kiosk mode

By default, members are allowed to make bookings in kiosk mode without logging in. This means anyone using the kiosk computer can make a booking for anyone who’s registered as a member or casual player.

If you are worried this potentially being abused, you can disable this feature and force members to login before they can make a booking.

To enable or disable bookings in kiosk mode:

  1. Go to the Activities module

  2. Open the relevant activity

  3. Locate the setting Allow making bookings in kiosk mode and enable or disable it as needed:

Disabling kiosk mode again

If you ever need to disable the kiosk mode again:

  1. Go to the Club module

  2. Open the Kiosk mode card

  3. Press the red button to disable kiosk mode

Frequently asked questions

Can I enable kiosk mode on multiple devices or computers?

Yes, kiosk mode can be enabled on as many devices or computers as you’d like.

Are there any special requirements for a kiosk computer?

No, the kiosk mode can run on practically any device that comes with a web browser. All you need to do is make sure that browser cookies are enabled and then enable kiosk mode as per the instructions above.

How do I setup my computer to run in full screen and automatically launch the kiosk page?

The exact instructions will depend on your specific device, operating system and browser. We recommend a Google search to find out how to enable a full kiosk on the operating system and browser of your choice.

For Chrome browsers, we can recommend the Kiosk browser extension.

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