Tips for safely operating touch screens

Find out how to mitigate the risks of people operating touch screens at your facility.

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With many people normally using the touch screens to operate court or hall lights at your facility, these can pose a risk factor for COVID-19. Here are some ideas and suggested approaches on how to mitigate those risks and ensure that your staff and members are safe.

Use staff to operate the touch screens

If you have staff on-site, you can consider to only let them operate the touch screens. Ask any members or visitors to tag in with their key tags, but operate the touch screen itself for them and start their session for them.

This means only one or two people are operating the touch screen, and members don't need to physically interact with it (only hold their own tag).

Use an anti-microbial surface protector

There are some products out there that provide a long lasting anti-microbial surface protection. These may be suitable to spray onto the touch screens to kill any virus or bacteria. Two examples of these products are:

Before purchasing a product like this, please confirm with the manufacturer or supplier that they are safe to use on touch screens.

Provide hand sanitiser

Provide some hand sanitiser at the touch screen, and ask people to use this on their hand or fingers before and after operating the touch screen.

Use disinfectant regularly to keep the screen clean

You can also use disinfectant regularly to keep the touch screen clean and minimise the risk of transmission. You can apply this strategy while allowing members to use the screen as usual, or use it in combination with the hand sanitiser.

Keep lights on and use pre-paid bookings

If you normally charge members for their sessions, you can consider to leave the lights on permanently for a certain time of the day, and set up your fees such that they are charged at the time of bookings instead.

This avoids the need for members or visitors to interact with the touch screen at all for the time being, yet still allows you to collect money for time spent on court or in the hall.

Turn on lights remotely

If you don't want to leave the lights on all the time, you can also prompt members to give one of the administrators a call once they arrive at the facility, and have the admin turn the lights on remotely for the member or visitor by putting the system in override for the duration of their session.

Coupled with pre-paid bookings as per above means you can still collect money for time spent on court. Alternatively, you can setup a short-term event for one court for the duration of their session, and create a manual transaction to charge their account.

Pre-paid bookings with auto-lights

If there is substantial interest, we may release an update that will allow you to have lights turn on automatically for pre-paid bookings at the allotted time of the booking. This will provide players and members with a bit less flexibility, but it means they won't have to interact with the touch screen when on site, and you won't have to leave lights on or have an admin operate the touch screen.

** If you are interested in this feature, please let us know **

Other ideas

If you have any other suggestions or found a different approach that works better for you, feel free to let us know and we'll list it here as well.

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