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Re-opening after a lockdown

Tips for how to get up and running again after a COVID-19 lockdown

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To get your club or facility up and running again after the COVID-19 lockdown, please make sure you check the following items.

Restart any paused memberships

If you paused your membership subscriptions, make sure these get restarted again on a suitable date. We can help you adjust membership subscriptions in bulk, so please let us know if you need a hand with any of the following:

  • Bulk extending memberships by moving the end date forward in time.

  • Bulk pausing memberships by stopping current memberships and restarting them again on another date.

  • Bulk adjusting the new start date of previously paused memberships

We can do this for weekly, monthly or annual memberships. Unlimited memberships can only be paused. 

If you’d like us to make any of these changes to your memberships, please send us a message with the following information:

  1. What changes you’d like to make

  2. Which membership types the changes should apply to

  3. Which date the changes should apply from

Refund members with account credit

If you have anchored memberships, pausing them may not make sense. In that case we recommend refunding your members for any unused time with account credit instead. You can add account credit in bulk to a large number (or all) of your members.

Head to Finance > Transactions and use the green plus button in the bottom right to create a new transaction. Select the members you want to create a transaction for, and in the following screen, select Refund money with the following settings:

You can of course change the amount to suit your membership fees. When done, press Save to create the transactions.

Enable membership renewal and payment reminders

If you have disabled membership renewal and payment reminders during the lockdown, don't forget to enable them again by heading to Settings > Email. There you will find checkboxes for both the payment and membership renewal reminders. Tick them to re-enable the reminders:

Setup the contact tracing module

Information on how to setup the contact tracing module will be published here soon.

Setup doors to auto-open for events again

If you have events that need to be configured to auto-open doors again, you can manage these events by heading to the Events page and clicking on the relevant event. Open the Date and time card and adjust the setting for automatically opening doors as needed.

Remove access restrictions

If you previously set up access restrictions, you will need to remove these to allow your members to access your facility again.

Hawkeye 900 or ICT access control systems

For clubs that are using our Hawkeye 900 or ICT access control systems, global access can be enabled again by heading to System > Restrict usage.

Simply revert the setting back to No to remove any restriction you had in place:

Hawkeye 600 systems

For clubs that are using an older system, you can enable access by modifying your global access rules via System > Access, and ticking all relevant doors. If you have specific access rules for the various membership types, you will also need to modify their access rules via Membership Types > Edit membership > Access

If you have members that had specific individual access rules linked to their account, their access rules will also have to be added back. You can do that via People > Members > Edit member > Access.

Don't forget to synchronise all tags after you're done making changes.

Enabling service tags

Head to Club > Service tags and enable any service tags that need to be reinstated. Use the context menu on the right hand side of each tag to enable them:

Enabled tags will show up as green in the overview:


If you have any urgent questions, need help adjusting your settings, or if something is not clear, please reach out to us using the live chat.

Further reading

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