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Temporarily disabling the booking system

How to temporarily disable the booking system and prevent your members from making bookings

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There's a few ways you can prevent your members or players from making bookings, without the need to remove all your activity modes or existing booking restrictions. Depending on your use case, you can choose which option works best for your facility.

Creating a blanket booking restriction

One way to disable member bookings, is to set up a new blanket booking restriction that disallows all activity modes.

The advantage of this approach, is that you retain the ability to make bookings as an administrator, and members can still view the booking page and any bookings or events that an admin created.

To create a restriction like this:

  1. Head to the Activities module and click on the activity you want to edit.

  2. Open the Booking time restrictions card.

  3. Click on Add booking time restriction.

  4. Setup a blanket restriction that applies to everyone, every day of the week, from 00:00 to 24:00, and make sure that all allowed activity modes are unticked:

Press Next and then Save to confirm this restriction. You can ignore the booking limit settings as these will not be relevant for this restriction.

If your facility has peak times, you need to set up a similar restriction for your peak times:

  1. While editing the same activity, click on the Peak time restrictions card.

  2. Take note of your current peak time hours and schedule.

  3. Click on Add peak time restriction.

  4. Create the restriction as above, but ensure that the days of the week, as well as start and end time match with your existing peak hours.

  5. Press Next and then Save to confirm this restriction.

To re-enable the bookings again, simply remove the restrictions you created again and everything will be back to the way it was before.

Block out the booking page with a recurring event

Another effective way to disable the booking system is by creating a recurring event for a specified time frame which blocks out all your courts or areas.

The added benefit of this approach, is that you can clearly communicate to your members the reason why the courts are disabled, by using a descriptive event name.

Disabling bookings this way will make it impossible for an administrator to make bookings though, so keep that in mind.

To setup such an event, head to Events and click on the green plus button in the bottom right. Specify a name and description, and mark all of your courts/areas:

In the next screen, select Recurring and specify the relevant date and times to ensure your whole booking schedule will be blocked out:

Next, under recurrence, specify Daily for the event to repeat every day, and specify a suitable end date:

In the next screen, press Save to create your event. Head to your Bookings page to ensure that the event is blocking all areas across all times:

To re-enable the booking page again, simply remove this event when it's no longer needed, or adjust the recurrence end date as appropriate.

Completely disabling the booking page for an activity

You can also completely disable the booking page for a specific activity. This will hide the whole booking page for that particular activity from the members and administrators alike.

You can still create events for this activity when it's hidden, but the booking functionality will be disabled.

To disable bookings for an activity:

  1. Go to the Activities module and click on the activity you want to edit.

  2. Open the Activity details card.

  3. Untick the Bookings enabled checkbox and press Save.

To enable the bookings again later, simply tick the checkbox again.


If you have any urgent questions, need help adjusting your settings, or if something is not clear, please reach out to us using the live chat.

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