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Temporarily pausing memberships or crediting your members for unused time
Temporarily pausing memberships or crediting your members for unused time

How to pause membership subscriptions or credit your members to account for unused time during the COVID-19 lockdown

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Clubs or organisations with memberships that roll over monthly or weekly may want to temporarily pause their members' subscriptions in order to account for unused time or to provide some financial relief during the lockdown. Hello Club offers a few ways to accomplish this.

Temporarily pausing memberships

To temporarily pause a membership, head to People > Members > Edit member > Subscriptions & Coupons and in the context menu, click on Pause:

Enter the date you want to pause the subscription on and the date it should resume again, and press Pause to confirm:

This will temporarily suspend the membership and restart it again automatically on the selected date.

Bulk adjustments

A lot of you have asked about making bulk adjustments to your memberships, in particular pausing or extending current memberships for the duration of the lockdown.

We’re now able to do the following for you:

  • Bulk extend memberships by moving the end date forward in time.

  • Bulk pause memberships by stopping current memberships and restarting them again on a future date.

  • Bulk adjust the new start date of previously paused memberships (in case a lockdown is extended or stops early).

We can do this for weekly, monthly or annual memberships. Unlimited memberships can only be paused. 

If you’d like us to make any of these changes to your memberships, please send us a message with the following information:

  1. What changes you’d like to make

  2. Which membership types the changes should apply to

  3. Which date the changes should apply from

Once we have those details, we’ll adjust your memberships as soon as possible.

Note: If you have anchored memberships, pausing them may not make sense. In that case we recommend refunding your members for any unused time with account credit instead.

Refunding your members with account credit

Instead of pausing subscriptions one by one, you can also consider to leave them running but refund your members for unused time by giving them some account credit. You can add account credit in bulk to a large number (or all) of your members.

Head to Finance > Transactions and use the green plus button in the bottom right to create a new transaction. Select the members you want to create a transaction for, and in the following screen, select Refund money with the following settings:

You can of course change the amount to suit your membership fees. When done, press Save to create the transactions.

Disabling membership renewal reminders

If you would like to disable membership renewal reminders during this time, you can do so globally for all membership types by heading to Settings > Email. There you will find a checkbox for email reminders. Untick this to disable all renewal reminders. You may also want to disable payment reminders at the same time:


If you have any urgent questions, need help adjusting your settings, or if something is not clear, please reach out to us using the live chat.

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