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Approval from a second account signatory
Approval from a second account signatory

Find out how to let members make online payments if they require two signatories (dual authority) to approve payments

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Some of your member accounts may belong to a club that’s using your facility, and according to their constitution, such clubs sometimes can require two signatories before payments can be made. 

Our online payments facility provides support for this use case by forcing these accounts to seek approval from a second signatory before payment can be made.

How to require a second signatory for an account

To enable approval by a second signatory for online payments:

  1. Go to your Members in the People module and locate the member in question using the search box or simply by finding their name in the list.

  2. Click on the member’s name or use the Edit option in the member’s context menu.

  3. Open the Finance card

  4. Click on the Settings tab

  5. Enable the option Requires a second signatory to approve transactions

  6. Press Save to update the member and bring this change into effect

Once enabled, this member will require the approval of a second signatory before they are allowed to pay for transactions online.

How to get approval and make payments

If your account has been setup to require approval of a second signatory, you will need to get transactions approved before you can make a payment.

To start this process, go to your Account page as usual and click on the green Make a payment button:

You will see an overview of any outstanding transactions, along with their approval status:

Tick the transactions you want to get approved, and then click on the Request approval button. A dialog will appear asking you to enter the name and email address of a second signatory:

Once entered, these details will be remembered in your browser for future approvals. Next, click on Request approval to finalise the request.

An email will be sent to the second signatory asking for their approval for these transactions. The transaction overview will be updated to show that these transactions are currently pending approval:

If the second signatory approves the transactions, they will be taken to a page where they can enter their name as a means of “signing”, and press the Approve transactions button to sign off their approval:

Once approved, you will receive an email to notify you that the transactions have been approved. The approved status will be reflected in the transactions overview, and you will now be able to pay for these transactions through one of the available online payment methods:

You can always review who approved a certain transaction by clicking on the transaction in your transactions overview. This will show the transaction details, including when and by whom a transaction was approved:

Does the approval apply to all payments?

No, approval is currently only required when paying for transactions which have been created for the member by an administrator or by the system and which are visible in the member’s Account page.

This means members can still do the following without seeking approval:

  • Top up their account with account credit

  • Pay for bookings or coupons directly

  • Renew their subscription and pay online directly

In these cases, the member should take responsibility not to make these payments if they are not supposed to make them without approval, and ask an administrator to create manual transactions for them instead. That way they can pay these through the regular payment flow and request prior approval from the second account signatory.

For example, an administrator can manually renew the member’s subscription and create a renewal transaction, which the member can then pay online after getting approval. 

The same applies to topping up a member’s account credit, where an administrator can add a certain amount of account credit and then create a debit transaction for the member for the same amount, so they can pay for it online with approval.

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