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Hawkeye 600 limitations

Please be aware of these limitations when using Hello Club with the Hawkeye 600 system

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Note: the following restrictions are not present in our new access control system, which offers a seamless and flexible integration with Hello Club.

Due the the age of the Hawkeye 600, there are some restrictions and limitations in the way the system works which you need to be aware of. 

General limitations

Changing session durations, practice times and visitor times is not possible

It is not possible to change the session durations, practice times and visitor times of the Hawkeye 600 system through Hello Club. We recommend setting your session duration to your preferred duration, and setting practice and visitor times to be allowed 24/7.

Changing the LCD message is not possible

It is not possible to change or customise the LCD message that is displayed on the Hawkeye controllers.

Overriding and opening doors remotely is not possible

With the Hawkeye 600, it is not possible to override doors for an event or to open/close them remotely through Hello Club.

No real time access and activity logs

Access and activity logs cannot be displayed in real time, but they are synced and updated automatically every hour.

No real time court status

The status of court lights cannot be displayed in real time, but is automatically checked and updated every minute.

Tag management

Please have a careful read through these limitations before you start managing member tags or service tags.

Reading tags through the Hawkeye master controllers is not possible

To read tags, you will need to use the USB iButton tag reader connected to your computer, which Richard from Maximus Technologies can supply.

The advantage of the USB tag reader that you can have as many as you need, and you can connect them to any computer to read tags directly in your web browser using Hello Club.

P2P tags are no longer supported

The writable tags with account credit stored on the tags are no longer supported and have been discontinued. Please migrate all your casual players that still have these tags to use regular tags and Hello Club account credit instead.

No support for temporary/casual access with PIN numbers

The Hawkeye 600 system only works with tags, and doesn't support temporary access for casual players.

You must manually synchronise after removing or disabling tags

Single tags can not be removed or unloaded from the Hawkeye 600 system, you will need to manually synchronise all tags each time you remove or disable a tag in Hello Club. If you don’t do this, the removed or disabled tag will remain present on the Hawkeye 600 system allowing the member continued access.

You must synchronise after archiving or suspending members

For the same reason as above, when you archive or suspend a member, you need to manually synchronise all tags so that the tags of the archived and suspended members are removed from the Hawkeye 600 system.

You must synchronise when assigning an existing tag to someone else

If a tag was previously in use by another member or as a service tag, you need to synchronise all tags for the tag to correctly be linked to the new member. Otherwise the tag will remain on the system linked to the previous member.

After synchronisation, it’s possible that one or two tags are missed

This is not a frequently occurring problem, but it could sometimes happen that one or two tags are “missed” when synchronising a large amount of tags.

If this happens, you will have to try synchronising all tags again.

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