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Google and Facebook sign-in options
Google and Facebook sign-in options

Learn more about the Google and Facebook sign-in options that we provide, and why we recommend leaving those enabled

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Hello Club offers any member the option to use either their Google or Facebook accounts to sign in to Hello Club with.

This has several important advantages, and while we offer clubs the ability to disable these sign-in methods, unless you have a very specific reason to do so, we highly recommend to leave them enabled.

These sign-in methods provide your members with a very convenient and secure way to access their Hello Club account, making the sign-in process a one-click action in most cases.

It means your members won't have to set up and remember a brand new username/password to sign in with, as they'll simply use an existing account which they already use frequently.

This means less hassle with members forgetting their username/password and being locked out of their accounts, and a more secure sign-in experience for your members, as their sign-in details will be stored in one less location.

It also reduces the risk of members reusing a password that they use for other apps or websites, meaning a better overall security profile for the member.

Based on data across all our customers, we have found that these sign-in features are widely used and appreciated by members, even for clubs with older demographics.

As such, we recommend to leave these options enabled. Please have a chat with us if you’d like to know more.

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