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Find out how to upload a (sponsor) logo for your courts or areas

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If you have sponsored courts or areas you can upload your sponsor’s logo to the relevant court so that members can see it when making a booking or activating the court lights on our access and light control system.

If you don’t have sponsored courts you can still upload a custom icon or logo to show up for each court. This can make the courts for different activities stand out more and be more recognisable.

How to upload a sponsor logo

To upload or change the (sponsor) logo for an area:

  1. Head to Areas and select the area you want to upload the logo for

  2. Open the Sponsor logo card

  3. Drag the logo into the card or click on Choose a file

  4. Click Confirm logo to upload the file

Once the logo has been uploaded, you will see it appear in the areas overview, the booking module and on the light control kiosk screen.

Recommended logo size and format

Because sponsor logos will be visible in a prominent position on the booking page and kiosk screen, it is recommended to use a high quality PNG or SVG logos with a transparent background.

The optimal size for logos will vary and depends on the number of areas that are displayed on the booking page for each activity. We recommend using horizontally oriented logos with a width to height ratio between approximately 2:1 and 5:1.

For best results, use an image with a width of at least 500 pixels.

Please contact us if you need a hand optimising your sponsor logo files.

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