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Why can’t I view my older logs?
Why can’t I view my older logs?

Read about our log history limits and how these are applied

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Depending on the plan you’re on, we limit how far back certain logs can be viewed:

  • Free plan – 1 month

  • Entry plan – 3 months

  • Standard plan – 1 year

  • Premium plan – 2 years

  • Business plan – 3 years

These limits apply to the following types of logs:

  • Access logs

  • Activity logs

  • Audit logs

  • Check-in logs

  • Email logs

  • Request logs

  • Visitor logs

Note: These limits do not apply to any of your direct member data or historical membership subscriptions of financial data, which is preserved and available indefinitely regardless of plan.

Please contact us if you need to view older logs.

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