Setting up resources

A guide to setting up resources like lockers, equipment or storage.

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With Hello Club you can set up resources and then assign them to members for a specific term and fee. This is a great way to assign lockers, equipment, storage spaces or other, similar types of resources to your members.

To get started with resources, first ensure the Resources module is enabled.

Creating a resource

To create a resource:

  1. Navigate to the Resources module

  2. Click on the green plus icon in the bottom right corner

  3. Enter the name and other details for this resource

  4. Choose how you want this resource to expire

  5. Enter the details for this resource and click Save

Resources overview layout

You can toggle the layout of your resources overview between List and Grid view using the grey button in the top right corner of the Resource page.

You can further customise the layout of the Grid view by changing the number of columns and rows that are displayed. To do this, navigate to Settings > Resources and adjust the settings as preferred.

Custom fields

You can create custom fields for your resources to further customise this module to match your needs and requirements.

To create custom fields for the resource module:

  1. Navigate to the Settings module

  2. Open the Custom fields card and then click on the Resources tab

  3. Click the Add field button to create a new custom field

You will now be able to use these custom fields when adding or editing a resource.

Managing resource expiration

You can adjust what happens after a resources assignment term expires by ticking or unticking the following checkbox when creating a resource:

If you enable this setting, the assigned member will automatically be removed as the active member and the resource will become Available again. This is useful if you want your resources to roll over automatically.

If you disable this setting, the resource will show up as Expired instead, and you will manually have to remove the assigned member or renew their term. This can be handy if you don’t want resources to expire automatically or if you need some more control over this process.

Frequently asked questions

I cannot see the resource module?

Please ensure the Resource module has been enabled.

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