I keep being logged out

What to do if you keep being logged out

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If you find yourself consistently being logged out of the app, this could be caused by incorrect cookie settings on your browser. If cookies are not enabled or not working correctly, you will find yourself being logged out about every hour or so.

To try and resolve this problem:

  • Ensure cookies are enabled in your browser

  • Ensure that cookies are not being cleared or removed

  • Try disabling any 3rd party browser extensions

  • Try another browser or device to see if the same problem occurs

If after taking these steps the problem persists across different browsers and/or devices, please contact support and provide us with the following details:

  1. How do you normally sign in to Hello Club, using a username and password or using the Google/Facebook sign in?

  2. What browser or browsers are you experiencing the problem with?

  3. What device or devices are you experiencing the problem with?

  4. Did you have multiple Hello Club tabs open at once when this happened?

  5. How long does it generally take for you to get logged out?

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