Compass integration

For Bridge clubs using Compass, our integration allows you to automate the reconciliation of table and prize money for each session

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About our Compass integration

With the Compass to Hello Club integration, you can easily synchronise member data between Compass and Hello Club, and also record transactions for table money or prize money after each session. This will deduct any table money fees from member account credit balances automatically, while prize money is added as credit.

Setting up the Compass integration

To setup the Compass integration:

  1. Go to the Integrations module.

  2. Open the Compass card.

  3. Click on the green Generate API key button.

  4. Copy the generated API key and load it into Compass

  5. Configure all the Hello Club integration settings within Compass as needed.

Your integration is now setup and ready to go!

Getting more help

The Compass integration is managed by the developer of Compass. For more help getting this integration up and running at your club, please contact Bob Fearn directly.

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